The Windmill Resort

Kythera again… and why not, you can sample the best of everything in a small corner of the world. A Greek island where those who leave, often return.

One such person is Alex. Even though his homeland is Australia, he just can’t keep away.  And so he acquired a Greek windmill, made of stone, in the middle of Kythera.  He slowly fixed it up, the old tower, the inner workings, and surrounded it with a number of quaint cottages for rent, circling them with magnificent grounds, growing organic produce and raising livestock, and the odd dog.

I was fortunate to visit this lovely place in summer and enjoyed Alex’s warm hospitality.  Alex is highly interested in the environment and has ensured that the property meets the requirements for organic certification.  He showed a group of us around the property, pointing out the organic tomatoes, zucchini’s as well as herbs, and a large chicken coop where hens produced beautiful fresh eggs.

The property has a large covered area and outdoor kitchen. The residents can enjoy a communal breakfast in the covered eating area, getting ready for the days activities of sightseeing, hiking, or simply, more eating!

If you want to experience a little slice of heaven, you wouldn’t be remiss to visit this place. Alex and his team are there in the summertime, to look after you  – or you can just sit and contemplate, perhaps as Zorba would have done so long ago.  And if you listen closely, you may even hear his voice on the wind “Teach me to Dance…”

For more information on the Windmill resort see








Photos: Sophia Poulos

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